Thursday, March 26, 2009

Frick My Life - say it with me!

I'm SOUP-ER busy at work, but I guess that’s what happens when you leave for a week. Today I went home for lunch and ate a cabbage roll (I like them, don’t judge) and I must admit the smell is a bit fartsy. I also noticed a speck of chocolate on the passenger seat of my car (Ack!) so I scrubbed the seat for twenty minutes like the OCD freak that I am. Driving back to work, I noticed the man in the rickety old truck in front of me was smoking a pipe. While stopped at a red light, all I could think about was getting out of my car, walking over to his driver’s window and sniffing inside his window. I imagined the smoke had a rich hickory smell with a hint of cherry. I love pipe smell, and besides I needed something to clear my nasal passages of upholstery cleaner and cabbage.

I imagine the conversation would have gone like this:

Alarmed man: What's you doing missy!?
Me: Just smelling.
Alarmed man: Giiiirl, you nuts! Get back in yo’r cahr
Me: Just one more sniff sir, I had cabbage for lunch.

Tonight we are going to Buffalo Wild Wings for some March Madness action (Go Duke! yay mini corn dogs!) Did I mention I bought into a sportsy basketball raffle for charity? (make your own sunshine march, remember?) AND the team they drew for me was...Louisville! If I were picking for myself I would have chosen based on which team wears the best costume uniform or the team that has the best hottest players – I almost always beat my husband’s bracket with this methodology. I like to win, so I hope winning is in my future.

Also a friend of my husbands turned me on to this website last night, it cracks me up so hard. I can't wait until I have a witty story to write in to FML

I especially like this one, only because my husband and I have this conversation on a regular basis:

Today, I went to the doctor to find out why I've been feeling so sick the past several weeks. Turns out, I'm severely allergic to the cat of my girlfriend of two years. I told her "It's me or the cat." She chose the cat. FML

Lastly, my birthday is in 23 days. I still have no idea what my gift is except for you can sometimes play with it and sometimes eat it and my husband isn't 100% sure that I will like it. 100 days of suspense for a gift I don't like? Is he nuts?

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Jennie! said...

I've never had a cabbage roll and now I'm sort of scared to.