Friday, February 27, 2009

Spread it or else!

Also, this weekend (um, tomorrow) marks the end of February so if you haven't already...

SPREAD IT! your butt-cheeks when you wash!
SPREAD IT! your first trip to the gyno!
SPREAD IT! recalled peanut butter on a cracker!
SPREAD IT! a cousin with the groomsmen at your wedding!
SPREAD IT! a crack on your grandpa's icefishing trip!
SPREAD IT! jelly on the muffin you stole from the food bank!
SPREAD IT! the rumor that your boss has seven nipples!

SPREAD IT!...for the economy!
SPREAD IT!...for the small business!
SPREAD IT!...for god!
SPREAD IT!...for babies!

SPREAD IT!...because you do everything people tell you to do on a random blog!

Man, I hope March is this fun...

1 comment:

KJ said...

Our invitations are from this woman on Etsy. Does that count? (Oh, yeah, and we just got them. Expect one in the next week or two.)