Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm the only one in this relationship who is allowed to wear eyeliner

*I would like to preface this post by saying I love my husband, could never see myself with anyone else, and marrying him was the best thing I've ever done in my entire life. Ever. I hope one day I'll harbor his babies.

THAT BEING SAID (Whew!), I'm feeling spicy today. Edgy. And the later in no way, shape or form describes my actual personality. Today when I arrived at work I immediately decided to visit the barista over in the student union to indulge in a grande Chai latte (god I'm a rebel). As I walked there, I noticed a couple holding hands in front of me. I'd venture to guess neither of them had showered in weeks, yet they were holding hands in a casual, 'JBF' kind of way (apparently, I'm the only one with a no-sex-until-I'm-fresh rule?) I think the guy must have weighed 100lbs soaking wet from the neck down. I say from the neck down because I swear the loaf of dreads on his head weighed another 100lbs. As I watched his grimy locks bounce up and down, I thought to myself... why wasn't I ever edgy? Why didn't I covet the bad boy who needs a (silver) chain on his belt loop to keep from losing his wallet, should it ever fall out of his pocket?

Have you ever done a super grungy guy? Or alternative, how do they say, EMO, guy? I started out swooning after the has-muscles-lacks-brains type of fellow, which I guess proved fun in the sac for the time in your life when a positive pregnancy test would result in you scratching out your insides with a wire hanger. But eventually - when I decided I was done shagging the future Sprint store managers of the world, I went for nerdy-hot (please don't mistake this for pocket-protector-comic-book-geek, they are NOT the same). My first experimentation with nerdy-hot was a bible banging tenor from my college choir. He looked exactly like Sheldon, from the Big Bang Theory, and turned me on to contemporary Christian music and hand jobs - both hobbies were short lived. I fumbled around with randoms from the bar or internet for a while (man, I sound like a slut), still searching for just the right amount of hot-nerd. I practically stumbled upon my husband, his broad chest and blue eyes almost sike you out that he's a jock until you realize he's forgotten more in the last week than you could know in a lifetime (Want proof? try doing disease flashcards with him). I guess the thing that turns me on the most is having someone I can learn something from, become a better person with (and is mega good in bed).

And besides, my sweet husband does have a bass guitar in our basement...maybe one night I can plaster on the black eye make-up and wear some gloves with the fingers cut out while we play edgy-emo-couple GETS. IT. ON.

Who needs stinky dreads and chain wallets when you have a vivid imagination and a husband who doesn't judge.




Jennie! said...

But wait, isn't Sheldon wearing a comic book character on his t-shirt? Is he still nerdy-hot?

Tam said...

sheldon is a stretch, almost tipping the scales at geek. But for comparison purposes - will do.

Heidi said...

Sheldon is super geek.

Also, I once would only do jocks and pot smokers but I'm broadening my horizons. I'm tired of being the smart one in the relationship.


Tam said...

trust me, being the dumb one has its setbacks too!