Tuesday, February 17, 2009

define the word "need"

Okay so hopefully you didn't just watch Confessions of a Shopaholic (like I did) and hopefully you haven't racked up a bajillion dollars in credit card debt because there is an awesomely amazing fantabulous deal going on...

Sonya Renee jewelry is offering 50% OFF to people who read Snippet&Ink blog. Her pieces are so beautiful and I've been telling you for months how my birthday is coming up (j/k..kinda). Seriously, this is a HUGE SALE (usually it's no more than 20% off), and there are lots of things that would be perfect for bridesmaids gifts (*hint KJ, Mermanda) or Mother's Day gifts or shamelessly-buy-gifts-for-yourself day (is that coming up?) She even has a necklace with a sparrow on it !!

There are SO many things for you to covet. For example, this GORGEOUS gold and diamond fern ring was originally $900 and is now marked down to $620... if you take an additional 50% OFF YOU GET THAT RING FOR $310 (I swear if I had money to burn, and my fingers weren't the size of a cold stumpy toothpick, it would be mine!)

And if I didn't have a wedding to pay off, the monogrammed gold disk necklace would be mine... mine!mine!mine!

Trust me, just looking at the site and using the math portion of your shopping brain to calculate what the prices would be with 50% OFF will make you happy. I promise it will make you ridiculously giddy to the point where you are thinking about selling your husband to buy some of these lovelies! (but then you realize selling him would make you sad if your necklace ever broke or tarnished - but what are the chances of that, really.)

Check it out, then thank me in jewelry.

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Mermanda said...

I shall look at these jewels now. Thank you for the alert.