Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pop-Pop says a nurse got him drunk and I believe him

My birthday grandpa was able to come home from the hospital last night. I guess he’s a little cranky and has acquired a walker but for 90+ years old we're gonna give him some slack on irritability and a little assisted walking. I was able to talk to him this morning and this is how it went:

Me: Hi grandpa, you gave us quite a scare.

Gpa: You’re not kiddin’!

Me: I’m happy you are home now; we said lots of prayers for you. Are you glad to be home?

Gpa: You betcha, hospitals are boring. I have a walker, – can you believe it? I'm not gonna use it after tomorrow [so he thinks]. But I did have my very own room. Big huge one with a TV and my own bathroom and everything. Except for one night the nurse left the curtains open and the light shined in my eye. [Damn nurse!]

Me: Sounds like the Ritz Carlton! I bet they gave you all of that special treatment because you’re 90.

Gpa: I don’t know but they sure were nice. There were people way younger, worse off than me.

Me: Are you in any pain?

Gpa: No, no pain. Just feeling a little drunk.

Me: Well you're always drunk that shouldn't feel any different! [joking]

Gpa: [chuckling loudly] HA! I haven't had a drink in ages, but I did have a glass of wine last night you know.

Me: Well that sounds okay to me. Making it to 90 without a single hospital stay is a pretty big deal grandpa. Did you know our birthday is in about 80 days? So you need to get stronger so we can celebrate okay?

Gpa: 80 days! Wow, I’ve been trying to count on my fingers… February…March… and a few days in April. 80 days. I hope I make it to 91.

Me: Oh I think you’ll make it – just so long as you behave yourself and don’t go giving people any hassle when they’re trying to help you.

Gpa: Well I decided I need to live until the end of July… I’ll tell you a secret… there’s a party for my brother. He’s turning 80 and the party is a surprise so you can’t tell anyone.

Me: Okay I won’t. I love you very much grandpa and I can’t wait for our birthday. You need to stay around so we can keep celebrating together.

Gpa: Okay. I love you too, dear.

[hands the phone to my grandma]

Me: Well he said he’s going to live at least until July.

Gma: Why July?

Me: Apparently, he has a party to go to. So if we just keep having parties, he’ll stick around.


ohioana said...

Your grandpa rocks.

Andy said...

I don't know why that story made me cry but it did. Speaks to human frailty, huh? It reminds me of my grandparents, too. I am so glad he is feeling better.

Jennie! said...

Seriously, your grandpa is awesome.

Mermanda said...

Your grandpa is a party animal. I love him.