Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Violent children's books make for a great Christmas

When I was in sixth grade I had the lead in our school’s Christmas program. The program was a reenactment of the popular children’s book “Drummer Hoff.” Apparently, either the character was vaguely written or my looks were ambiguous enough to pull off the role. Anywho, it's like a military potluck - everybody brings something to the war party. Throughout the book we're reminded of exactly who fires if off. I wore a big tall hat and had a drum (no actual drumming skills required) and marched a lot. Man my mom was proud.

Corporal Farrell brings the barrel
Captain Bammer brings the rammer
Sergeant Chowder brings the powder (gun not cocaine)
Major Scott brings the shot
General Border gives the order
Drummer Hoff… fires it off.

I'm partial to chowder, but that's just me. I hope this holdiay brings you good cheer, family, and lots of spiked egg nog. Oh, and hit that piggy pudding! Don't go until you get some and bring it right here!

Signing off,
Drummer Hoff

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Chuck said...

My xmas cards this year (and my apologies for not sending you one... I didn't deliver hardly ANY of them via USPS b/c 42 cents per stamp = two whole packs of smokes [when ya add up my whole mailing list]) featured three bars from the song "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" or whatever it's really called.... and I SO badly wanted to sign them:

"Here's to figgy puddin' & gettin' some!


I'm glad that SOMEONE in my life would've appreciated that sentiment. I miss you.