Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Time doesn't have wrinkles anymore because of botox

When husband and I were on our date to have our rings cleaned last Friday, something unfortunate happened. James Free Jewelers now carries consignment watches. There I found a vintage Rolex just sitting in the case whispering my name in the most expensive voice I've ever heard. I covet that watch and I have spent the last three days trying to find a way to come up with thousands of dollars to procure it as a Holiday present to.my.self. What was your question? Oh. No, our wedding credit card is not paid off. No, my husband didn’t get a job. Yes, we are still pinching pennies. And somehow I’m still dreaming of this watch. I even found a few on Ebay for the low low price of (still) thousands of dollars. The “jubilee” style bracelet dates back to the 80s and I will burst with anticipation if I have to wait six more years (until husband is done with residency) before I can have this watch.

And then I bring myself back to reality.

MY watch. The watch that I wear everyday is quite possibly my second favorite thing my husband has ever bought me. It’s a two-toned Citizen watch with a crystal face. Some of the gold plating has begun to rub off, reminding me of how much I’ve worn it. You see, in July 2004 just before we moved in together we were shopping for a mattress at the going-out-of-business sale at Lazarus (now Macy’s). I noticed the watch in a sale case. I wanted that watch, but couldn’t bring myself to buy it. Days later, when we came back to pick up our bed, I had talked myself into the purchase. I confidently strolled up to the counter, checkbook in hand, only to find that my perfect watch was now gone. Someone else had fortuitously stumbled upon my precious timepiece and actually had the balls to buy it. I sulked for days.

We moved to Dayton and settled into our rental. On my very first day of my very first "big girl" job I hopped out of bed and nervously dressed. As I finished breakfast and said my goodbyes my love informed me that while I looked great, my outfit was not yet complete. He presented me with a watch, the watch, that I had coveted weeks before in the display case. He sneakily purchased it after my wide-eyed afternoon at the jewelry counter and endured weeks of my vocal disappointment. I remember being so happy that morning on my way to work that I forgot about being nervous. I was happy that I had the watch I wanted so badly, but even happier knowing someone I loved went through all that trouble to give it to me at the perfect moment. Come to think about it, I'll hang on to this watch for a while. It has plenty of memories left in it.


Chuck said...

When you're ready to publish your life story (but, eh.... give it another year or two, perhaps...), I would totally be willing ghost-write it for you, for free -- or at least copyedit it for free. Whaddya think?

You have an amazing story to tell (hell, I've been saying that since the 8th grade), an amazing story-teller's voice to boot (and I think "they" WILL make a movie about your life someday), but I think you also could benefit from a slight bit of writers' refinement, so to speak... just a liiiiiiiitle bit of, shall we say, unsolicited advice in order to market your story to the masses.

Enter Ana *.

Teena P.

* More details to come. Teena has had NO luck in the job market. Ana, however, has a lotta potential. :-)

Tamara said...

Ana proof read my thesis for free, she did a great job. If I ever do tell my life story (and not just the 3,500 word essay that I submit to Glamour last week) I will definitely call upon her again.