Friday, December 5, 2008

My Favorite Things Edition - #3

Hanukkah Gift Giving Ideas. 8 Crazy Nights. Happy Friday.

A snowman tee, $19

The Good Card is a gift card where the recipient gets to donate to their charity of choice. (Thanks Kevin Bacon!)

Speaking of bacon....

Bacon for your boo boo, $9

and for your Kosher friends...

Juno's cheesburger phone, $26

Smartwool (socks or) Flower Mitt, $22 (I heart these so bad)

or my all-time favorite gift to give...

Year subscription to Martha's Everyday Food, $12

For that single guy on your Hanukkah list...

Dating advice from a 9-year old, $9.99

and last but not least...

A solar powered dreidle, $70
(j/k, it's not solar powered but it is $70!)

Shabbat Shalom!

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