Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Trippin' on Tryptophan

Thanksgiving is almost here and anticipation is rising in our corner of the universe. We are cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the first time this year. We’re actually cooking it by default because my mom is out of town. So I am in charge of feeding my dad, brother and in-laws. Um. Yikes. Husband doesn’t even like Thanksgiving food that much and thinks all the hype over one meal just so family can pass out afterwards is pointless. I mean, they could just drink some tequila shots and essentially get the same effect with way less effort on my part. Right?

Husband and I like to do our part to feel like we’re contributing to the greater good. We changed all of the light bulbs in our house to the squiggly efficient ones, buy American cars, recycle paper, plastic and glass, bag our groceries with burlap reusable sacks, voted for change and try to contribute to small local businesses whenever possible. We were pretty excited when Heidi told us there was a local turkey farm, and mr. turkey has been the center of a heated debate for over two weeks now.

The Great Turkey Dilemma of 2008: buy a pre-cooked turkey? Buy a frozen turkey? Brine the turkey? Buy a fresh turkey? Roast and baste a turkey? Cook the turkey in a bag? Screw it all and get a ham?

Yesterday afternoon we finally came to a consensus. We will buy a turkey from the local farm, brine it, and cook it in a bag. We were both tickled about our choice, even though we are spending WAY more on it than we’d hoped. Husband called up the farm and they said if he got there by 5:30 we could still get in on the some local holiday bird. There were lots of reasons to be happy for this purchase, yay food, yay buying locally but this is the one husband expounded upon last night.
Bowman Landes Farms: Our free range turkeys are raised in the open air and sunshine without antibiotics, and are vegetable fed.
Husband: I’m glad we got this turkey – it’s way better than some turkey that ate pooh odd and sundry remains of his fallen comrades.

Also according to the website, these little sunshine gobblers barely make it to their half-birthday. I think husband was was little disappointed that it wasn’t a kill-it-yourself farm, like build-a-bear, only for dinner. Much to his surprise the turkey was already dead when he got there. I came home last night not only to our new dinner pet but also to LOTS of turkey items: smoked turkey meat, oven roasted turkey meat, and turkey sticks. So we ate the turkey sticks for dessert and much to our delight they tasted like cold hot dogs.

Tonight I have to clean the house before company comes – the shit stains in the toilet are a little much for house guests. Wish us luck on Thursday - we’re really excited. The turkey plucked from our proverbial backyard will be the center of attention, served with a side of turkey sticks and tequila.

**For thematic purposes and aside from the fact that I rambled on about how Sarah Palin gets too much press, this video was just too funny/creepy/awkward/horrible to pass up.

Oh and THIS is ridiculous too.


ohioana said...

It's me (Eliz.) My mom always buys a B&L turkey. She swears by the quality of the bird. So you can feel confident that your main course will taste fabulous.

Tam said...

that is... if we don't manage to screw it up!