Monday, October 27, 2008

I want to marry you again every day

I have an awesome husband.
I suffered a brief nervous breakdown on Friday night when I came home to piles of cat puke on the bed room carpet, IN my new work boots and ON THE BED. So I added puke-cleaning and puke-laundry to the list of house-cleaning and food-prepping already filling my night. I rocked out to Christmas music like a good little Jew, and threw in my new Spring Awakening CD [This sound track is now filed under my modern musical ‘faves’ list, below Rent and Wicked but ahead of Avenue Q.] I went to bed wishing my husband wasn’t at the hospital and keeping one eye open to watch out for cat puke.

On Saturday morning I had to get up early to work at the gym and my grandparents and parents were coming over to eat dinner. Around noon, husband was coming off of a 30-hour call and really stepped it up. He came home and didn’t even take off his scrubs [which he looks totally HOT in] – just got straight to work chopping onions and prepping the meatloaf. I hate smelly-onion-fingers and I double hate playing pattie-cake with raw meat. He knows this all too well, and took two for the team. Not only did he helped me make [and clean up] the meal, but he gave me all of the credit for it. He schmoozed my grandparents, made my mom giggle and watched the OSU game without complaining a bit that my Dad talked through the entire game. After they left, and we were both totally exhausted, he romanced me to sleep.

On Sunday we woke up bright and early [at 11am] to get ready to go to my brother’s college graduation. We laughed that we were for once attending a graduation that wasn’t one of our own and made fun of what people were wearing. Husband gave my brother a high five as he walked in line to the ever-familiar graduation anthem. He also added a “woot woot” as we cheered when my brother’s name was called. Seeing as though our middle brother is estranged from us, I know it meant the world to my brother to have his new brother-in-law cheering him on. Afterwards we had a great dinner with the family, poking fun at each other and telling funny stories.

As we drove away, I was sad to leave my grandpa after watching him struggle over the last two days with small things like our front stoop and eating broccoli. I made sure to hug him and make a memory. I kissed him on his cheek and remembered his big blue eyes just before we got into the car. I began to cry as we drove off wondering if that would be my last time with him – my birthday twin grandpa. My husband immediately swerved the car and pulled up to the nearest Graeters Ice Cream where we shared a double cookie sundae. Husbands and sundaes always make things happier. We shared a glass of wine before bed and he drifted off to sleep on my arm within seconds of hitting the pillow. I laid there thinking about my sick cat, my sweet grandpa, how proud I was of my brother and what an amazing guy I married. He’s incredible… and I’ll show you on Thursday.
Excited Brother and Husband


Jennie! said...

Aww, this made me all teary, but then the picture made me LOL.

Heidi said...

Me too...damn you Tamara.