Friday, September 12, 2008

123 GoBox Blog. Say that five times fast. I dare you.

Tonight is girls night out, and I am very excited. Not excited that my dear husband has to work[ish] and cannot join us, happy because I get my first 123 GoBox. I have been envious of Jennie! and her GoBox several times now and I have spent the day wondering what type of drink-candy-popcorn combination I will get for the low, low price of $5.75. One thing I know for sure is that my drink will be an icee! Whee! Heidi and I are seeing The Women. Chick flick central with like every awesome actress – even Meg Ryan and not including Kate Hudson or Julia Roberts.

I have been thinking lately about how people become professional bloggers. [Request: Jennie! Please write a "How To" article about this. Get paid. Simplify my life.] I read an interview the other day on paper+cup of Katherine from Snippet & Ink. She describes how she was blogging for fun and now it’s her full time job. She also gives advice for bloggers – advice that I just don’t think I am capable of following. Her words of advice are 1) Blog about something you really care about. 2) Reach out to other bloggers and 3)Don’t go with white type on a black background (duh).

Okay, so my blog is spotty and random. Her blog is about weddings, she’s married now and still has to blog everyday about weddings. BOR-ING [even though I'm married and still read wedding blogs but shut up]. Posting every day is another way to build your blog, okay well I can’t think of crap to blog about every day.

I took advice 2) and have been reaching out and looking at other blogs. Let me tell you internets, some people are funny, some are interesting and some are just cardboard boring! Some people like awareness, like when I read a post on a message board about how someone in another country stole a picture of the girl off her blog and put it on a anti-America website demonstrating how stupid Americans look while dancing. The recommendation from that blogger was to 1) have your site private and only accessible by email request or 2) post a map that monitors it. Well my friends, my only option was 2) because if I went with 1) then I would have four readers, Jennie!, Heidi, Kj and occasionally my friend Sarah.

In the end, my blog research this week has lead me to a few conclusions:
1. I don’t care enough about any one thing to blog about it every day. [possibly my husband, but I rarely see him]
2. If my fecundity ever comes to fruition, I will set up a [private] blog for people to see every single moment from zygote to grave [Also, viewing a blog is voluntary so I won’t have to bombard friends/family/coworkers’ email boxes with pictures of my cutie every time he/she poohs on the wall]
3. Blogging has become a world of it’s own. It is now integrated into mainstream media and can have profound effects on policy, politics, food, parenting, wedding planning and my free time.

I wish it was 5pm and I could have my 123 GoBox now. There. It’s still spotty and random.

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