Tuesday, June 24, 2008

kick off your sunday shoes

Jennie! and her imaginary friends are playing a blog game again so I decided instead of writing about my insurmountable stress level, I'll do this.

You are in a mall when the zombies attack. You have:

1. One weapon.
2. One song blasting on the speakers.
3. One famous person to fight alongside you.

Weapon can be real or fictional; you may assume endless ammo if applicable. Person can be real or fictional.

My answers?

1. Anthrax
2. Footloose
3. Britney Spears

*In this scenario, because I am a public health practitioner, I have been super-vaccinated rendering me immune to all biotoxins, including spores.
Britney is unfortunately not vaccinated, and although she was my final choice, Abbie Cornish and Miley Cyrus were a close second.

Note: Beloved friends, don't go to the mall anytime soon, please.


Jennie! said...

They're not ALL imaginary.

Heidi said...

My answers:

1. Atomic bomb
2. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
3. MacGyver