Thursday, June 26, 2008

sweetie, don't twirl your sparkler too close to the chocolate fountain.

So sorry to choke everyone up yesterday during my engamentaversary blog. Now you guys know what I am like every morning when I’m driving to work and think about my wedding day!

We had lots of wedding meetings yesterday, FI did a great job putting the smack down on the hotel, we met with the temple, and the coordinator [hired solely boss our families around for the rehearsal and day of the wedding]. All went well, but our meeting at the temple was the most fun. The executive director at the temple is also the cantorial soloist for our wedding. He is actually punchier than FI, and we all get along swimmingly [except for when he referred to FI's wedding ring as a shackle!] The temple has been more than accommodating for us and so far the only thing they have vetoed is rose petals. The conversation went something like this.

Scene: Two gorgeously attractive people meet in a conference room with the temple secretary [a gentile] and the punchy cantor/executive director to discuss ceremony details.

FI: …and the aisle will be lined with petals
ED: real petals?
FI: let me rephrase that. Can we line the aisle with petals?
ED: real petals?
Sec: real petals might get ground into the carpet and be hard to clean up.
FI: Wait, no. Actually I was thinking of using blueberries… real ones. Would that be better?
ED: Oh yes! Yes, ripe berries will be perfect. Why don’t you hang chocolate fountains from the chuppah too?
FI: you read my mind.
Me: Our four flower girls can stomp on some of the blueberries and dip the rest in the fountain while dancing wildly in their white dresses.
ED: Exactly what I was thinking.
Me: We are also handing out sparklers to everyone so they can light them up and twirl around inside the synagogue like, “Happy Fourth of July!”
FI: ...and then we're having a bacon fight.
Sec: [looking scared and quizzical]
ED: Yes – wow this sounds more fun that your real wedding.
FI: It seriously does. Is any of that an option?
Sec: … How about silk petals?
FI: Okay, silk petals it is!

[Mind you, this was after ED said all of our readers had to be the same height or else he would pick my dad up and set him on a pile of phone books in the middle of the reading, so he could reach the mic]

I like the bacon fight idea the best, just to give it some jewy flavor. This was my favorite meeting yet. And it made me think about all of the reasons why whoever thought of having a chocolate fountain at a wedding was high on crack.


Jennie! said...

If you give Heidi a sparkler, she's probably going to accidentally set something on fire.

Heidi said...

Yeah ann that "something" would probably be me.

KJ said...

I would totally play with sparklers. But maybe not in a building.