Friday, May 9, 2008

It's all the same to me

It’s Friday, thank goodness. Unfortunately I have a crazy busy weekend filled with not sleeping in, working at the gym, writing report cards for second graders and teaching my last Hebrew class. Oh and going to a Rascal Flatts concert and having my hair cut! It’s also mother’s day on Sunday, so I will be traveling to CBUS to visit my mom and will most likely eat at Olive Garden. Every birthday, mother’s day, and special occasion this is the conversation we have:

Me: Mom where do you want to go for [insert holiday] dinner? You can pick anywhere you want.
Mom: The O.G.
Me: But we went there last [four] year, seriously, pick anyplace you want.
Mom: I want the O.G.
Me: Okay.

The best part it she doesn’t even open the menu. She has a peach iced tea, salad, and chicken Parmesan with angel hair pasta. Actually neither of my parents opens the menu. They sit down, hand the menu back to the waitress and order chicken Parmesan. Sometimes my dad gets water, sometimes he gets iced tea and on a very huge splurge [usually when FI is with us] he will get beer [because you look cooler if your order a beer, duh].

Now don’t get me wrong, much of this routineaphile is genetic. I totally heart routine. I ate brown sugar oatmeal for breakfast everyday for ten years and then three years ago, switched to eggs and turkey bacon [it’s a protein thing]. That’s what I had this morning folks and eating the same thing for breakfast makes me happy. I, too, usually get chicken parm at the O.G., however, I usually open the menu and at least pretend to consider something else.

Me: Hmm, the trio sounds good and so does the chicken Marsala.
FI: so are you deciding between those? Good for you, why don’t you try the Marsala for a change.
Me: Hmm, they both sound really good.
Waiter: Hello Ma’am [yes I get ma’am, shit that makes me feel old] what would you like?
Me: I’ll have the chicken Parmesan with meat sauce on the spaghetti.
FI: Grrrr…
Me: Hey, at least I went with meat sauce this time!

In my defense, I said they sounded good, I did not say I was going to eat them myself. Salmon always sounds good too and but hate it and would never order it. I get the same thing at qdoba, at Logan’s and at Graeters too, respectively that is. I don’t think the chicken parm at Graeters would be all that good. Having kids might actually be a good thing for me. I hear routine is good for kids and I heart routine so in turn – I’m good for kids. Not to mention when I'm at Graeters I get cotton candy ice cream and so do all of the six year olds in line. AND at BW3’s I get mini corn dogs. Small hot dogs wrapped in crunchy corn bread…Nuff said. And no, I’m not pregnant.

My brother owes me a birthday present so he better cough that one up when I got home this weekend too. Yay presents!


Jennie! said...

I just back from Olive Garden. We went there for a work lunch thingie and it was OK. Maybe I should have gotten the chicken parmesan.

Tam said...

You mean The O.G.?

KJ said...

Tamara...I have to take issue with this cotton-candy-at-Graeter's thing. Clearly, if you are at Graeter's you have to at least try something with chocolate chips in it - mint, toffee, mocha, plain. Something chippy. Because Graeter's makes The Best chip ice creams in the world. Period.

Tam said...

indeed they do, and rasberry chip is one of my favorites. As I child I was OBSESSED with superman ice cream. Graeters cotton candy is a close second. THe chips ARE to die for though...

KJ said...

Okay, good. All is right with the universe again.