Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I needed that

Again my life was lost last night, 95 minutes this time. We watched My Super Ex-Girlfriend. I must explain that we now have 6 free months of every movie channel on the planet so we happen upon junk like this and keep watching. The cast was remarkably good and must have been reading a different script when they agreed to do this movie, Luke Wilson, Rainn Wilson [are they brothers, I think maybe], Eddie Izzard, Uma Thurman [why did her mom name her uma?] and Wanda Sykes. Oh and Mark Consuelos [Kelly Riiipppa!] starred as a totally dense underwear model.

Memorable Quotes from a horrible movie:

Rainn Wilson: Oh, no no. Don't tell me. You have invaded the female nation and spread your democracy.

Rainn Wilson: There are 3 moments I'll remember 'til the day I die. 1: the look on my father's face when I graduated from Harvard law school. 2: Helping a beached mother whale give birth. And... 3: You and me, together, here, tonight.
Shapely Bartender: Don't speak to me again... ever.
[this is seriously her name in the movie - BTW]

Luke Wilson: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
Rainn Wilson: The ability to gratify myself orally.
Luke Wilson: Interesting. But wouldn't that be a little...
Together: Gay.
Rainn Wilson: No.
Luke Wilson: Yeah.
Rainn Wilson: Not at all. Think about it.
Luke Wilson: Really? It seems that way.

**If I could have a super power it would be speed reading. Clarification: this would be speed reading with FULL memory and comprehension of the spead read material. Barnes and Noble would be so pissed at me!**

Oh and one more tip... don't have sex with a superhero on your bed - do it on the floor [and don't do it in outer space - it didn't look fun].


Jennie! said...

OK, I've seen this movie. And at the end I remember being completely pissed about the fact that this super awesome super hero (heh) got dumped by schlubby Luke Wilson and then went batshit crazy FOR NO REASON. Anyway. I was disappointed because I love both Luke and Rainn. Isn't Eddie Izzard in it, too? What a waste.

Jennie! said...

(PS: I take movies too seriously)

Heidi said...

Yeah I saw that movie too...what a let down.

Tam said...

the fact that you both also saw it makes me even more sad.

Jennie! said...

Remember when we watched Idiocracy? WOW.

Tam said...

that tops as THE worst movie ever. We didnt make it past 20 minutes.