Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A funny thing happened on the way to the laundry room

Yesterday evening we encountered quite the scenario. It really was a memory that will play over and over again on my mental highlight reel of my relationship with FI to date.

Enter scene: A quiet night at 1390 where male and female companion prepare for slumber. It's dark except for the TV and the light in the laundry room. Gorgeously attractive female is sitting on the couch after just watching The Big Bang Theory [so funny btw, it’s a definite must see]. She asks strapping male figure if he could grab the whites out of the dryer.

Dryer: [bzzzt]
Strapping male gets up and goes to laundry room. Gorgeous female continues to surf the TiVo.

FI: [light grunts]
Me: Are you okay in there?
FI: [laughing a little to himself]
Me: Hello?
FI: [hysterical laughing]
Me: What the hell is wrong?
FI: [Thud!] …[more laughing, louder and higher pitched laughter]

Female walks over to the doorway of the laundry room to find FI on his knees, clutching the CLEAN whites that he has dropped all over the floor, laughing. He is laughing absolutely hysterically – tears streaming – it appears to be some sort of breakdown.

Me: OMG what is wrong with you?
FI: I… I… they fell.
Me: Who?
FI: The… [laughing hysterically]… the… SOCKS!! [crying laughter tears into my white skivvies]
Me: I think you are having some sort of mental breakdown.
FI: I… I.. I just couldn’t carry … carry it all.
Me: So what!?
FI: Well.. well...[laughing and gasping] will you help me pick them up...
Me: No. Stay right there… I am getting the camera.

Female comes back with the digital camera as strapping male continues to hyperventilate, laughing uncontrollably. She sits on the floor right in front of him and proceeds to take his picture, several times.

FI: Oh god… [he moans, laughing harder] your gonna blog about this too!
Me: Sure am. Why the hell do you think I am taking these pictures? No one’s gonna believe this one.

He stands and tries to gain his composure, but instead hunches over the washer and continues to laugh hysterically.

FI: So will you help me carry these?
Me: Nope. You know there is a new invention called a wash basket. Some people put laundry in it.
FI: [giggling and dropping white socks] I just I’ll make two trips.

As she follows him [still giggling] into the bedroom, picking up the dropped socks behind him, she wonders if this is the day they look back on, if this is the day he lost his mind.

Me: Are you sure you're okay? That was quite the break down.
FI: I’ve never not been able to carry all of the laundry before...

Medical students have an unknown mental capacity until, one April evening, they eventually crack. These pictures are evidence of one such cracking of a strapping male, as witnessed by his gorgeously attractive female companion.


Jennie! said...

Hee. This made me laugh so hard, I might get fired.

Heidi said...

Haha, I had to do quiet laughs so Becca wouldn't hear but I'm crying now. Haha...the picture of him face down in the socks is HILARIOUS!!

KJ said...

Comment from B: "Yes...Yes, that is sooo accurate."

I loves it.

Mermanda said...

Hahahaha! I love those precious crazy wacky moments.