Tuesday, February 26, 2008

skid marks + cheetos = l.o.v.e

I have been meaning to blog about two great articles in the February Marie Claire magazine. Now it's almost March [What the February?!] and they're probably not available anymore. Anywho The first, Sex, Lies and the HPV Vaccine, was a gem amougst pages of skunky perfume tabs and pleather purses. It's important and I was struck by it.

The second, But Seriously, Will You Marry Me, about a cohabitating guy trying to propose. The article was so synonymous with some of my own experiences I had to call FI to make sure he didn't write it. This guy is a total crack up! His thoughts echo so many conversations that FI and I have had over the last year. He also shares the same sick obsession Food Network's Giada De Laurentiis [she's pregnant which makes me happy only because she's going to get fat] and the inability to hit the toilet bowl while peeing. I though this article really speaks to a new age of love - I mean it's still the warmest feeling you'll ever take in, just not quite as spicy.

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Heidi said...

Both articles are really good but the last one was the best. You're right, I think Jeremy wrote that!