Wednesday, February 6, 2008

does it rhyme with smishmorshin?

Wow democracy is in full swing and I have a love/hate relationship with "election season". Sure I appreciate people engaging in the freedoms our constitution affords us and even I like a little mud slinging at times - but seriously the rumor about using baby toes as confetti at Hilary’s acceptance speech is just wrong! And even worse - now that SUPER TUESDAY is over we can look forward to nine more months of campaign bullshit, on TV, on the radio, in magazines - event theknot has a new forum called "Brides Decide" [that should be a real election clincher]. Next thing you know Obama will be strapping on a yellow apron and handing out free samples at your local pick-and-save. [I myself would like to see him playing Frisbee on the quad at OSU. Please if anyone hears about this let me know - I want to go]

I actually had a thought, what if the candidates took all their trillions of dollars and helped uninsured children or made a dent in the deficit... or hired a Russian sniper to off GW? Shit that deserves at least 50% of the vote [choir sings AMEN!]. But FI says that campaigning does make a difference. We have had several conversations about which dem will get our vote ['ours' because we choose together so not to cancel our each other out] He says that either candidate could come into our living room and win our vote. Are we really that easy? I guess the answer is yes [and NO we do not have an "open" relationship - why do people keep asking!]

I did hear about low voter turn out because of the rain yesterday. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE? That’s like saying you don't go to work when it's cloudy outside or you don't pee on Thursdays. In some countries Election Day is a national holiday, I don't support that idea, because even then, lazy Americans would find an excuse not to vote, so why depress our economy even further.

Apparently I am aligned with the correct party after reading that Romney won the hearts of people who think the economy is stable and support the Iraq war. He touts that global warming is an environmentalist scare-tactic meant to interfere with free markets and has proclaimed himself "a crusader against gay marriage" - so other than those shacked up in the Waco compound - who the shit is voting for this guy?!

I think we will end up going with Obama, mostly because he's hot [which is the same logic I used when voting for Nader in '00... j/k...kinda]


Jennie! said...

Also, Obama is really fun to say.

Heidi said...

Tell Romney to take up his global warming bullshit with the 48 people who died in tornadoes this week. Jerk!