Thursday, January 24, 2008

TIA = thanks in advance

So I promised more idiosyncrasies from TheKnot so today I'll divulge a few. When you go to the message boards 2 tips. 1) you better know their lingo and 2) you better have your big girl panties on [not to be confused with your period panties or your "these floss my ass but might get me laid today" panties] because these chick can be downright mean!

So for example, a DD is a "dirty deleter" this I come to find out is someone who innocently posts something and then gets slammed by the bitches on the board. When she is done quivering and piecing her labia back together - she deletes her post out of sheer embarrassment. Apparently - this is a NO NO. They want you to leave your post and the subsequent crotch tearing replies for all to learn from. W.T.F. If they find out you deleted a post, they create more posts to bash you like "Was there a DD on this board yesterday" then the nice ladies proceed to call out your "knottie name" [because in knot world no one uses their real name, duh, the names are more like "iminlovewitastrippa" or whatever - mine is totally generic and has nothing to do with weddings]

Second - TheKnot bitches. These girls are out of control. There is one chick on there that slams people for wedding etiquette. Whaaatzup witchoo? Why can't I wear green shoes and put my registry cards in my Save the Dates? Who says my maid of honor has to use tampons? She will bash you in front of all the other brides but prefaces it with "not to offend any of the pp (previous posters) but"...BLAM.BLAM. she slaps you till you scream for mercy. (Did I mention she got married over a year ago but continues to stalk to the boards "to be helpful to other brides") I decided we will call them "ex brides with no life" EBWNL. What-ev on her she's totally douche.

So overall most of the posts are about.. you guessed it...weddings. And I must say I have gotten TONS of great advice from some of the girls. Random people will email you with weddding-related help, like this girl from Canada just made my table place cards and is sending them to me. Okay. weird. I also helped a girl from Cali find some rockin orange satin heels to wear on her wedding day. Okay. again. weird. FI says they are my "fake friends" but for some strange reason I feel like they are real people. I like to think that we are all in this together [only i care less and don't have a year's salary to spend]

162 days and counting....

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Jennie! said...

Just remember. People on the internet are real, so there's no way they can be your fake friends.