Tuesday, December 1, 2009

31 days left


I have been registering my BOO-TAY off for giveaways lately. How can it be that I have gone an entire year and can't win a single thing (although my husband reminded me last night that I was the proud winner of... bed bugs)??

This isn't a wim people, it's a RESOLUTION!

So, in an effort to both win something and gain five more entries...

I've decided to tell you all about THIS CONTEST.

Only, don't bother registering for it - I've got this one in the bag!

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Mindy said...

You would probably hate to hear that I've won 8 giveaways this fall. No, I have no idea where the luck is coming from...

But I'd love to pass on some luck to you! Try this giveaway.. :)


There's 10 winners every Saturday!

I'm addicted to entering giveaways lately! I entered that one you posted about too.

so... GOOD LUCK!!!