Monday, November 16, 2009


My shopping finger is grounded indefinitely with no dessert. I splurged on this chartreuse table and now I want hide in a box until Craig comes up with a buyer from his list. I actually consider myself a savvy shopper and this is the biggest case of buyers remorse I've suffered since that clearance Kate Spade wallet episode (which, btw, I ended up selling on Ebay for a $25 profit).

Why? Because while this table is indeed awesome and may or may not look amazing in a baby's room AND appeals to my increasingly modern/eclectic taste that stems from numerous hours browsing design blogs...I bought it for the guest room and failed to measure the height of the bed.

Our towering pillow top mattress makes this table look like it belongs in a barbie dream house or to a dwarf with a thing for yellow paint.

Now I have to find someone to take it off my hands before my husband will allow me to shop for a replacement table.

It was just something about the 50% off price tag that left my logistical, measuring, frugal, sensical qualities to fend for themselves and now they are ganging up and threatening to beat me silly with a licorice rope.

Before you comment with the obvious:

The closest Urban Outfitters is over an hour away AND they don't stock furniture.

I paid over $15 in shipping (IDIOT!)

Yes, it's assembled (by my amazingly non judgmental husband)

No, I don't still have the box and don't even really know where the receipt is.

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