Friday, October 30, 2009

My Favorite Things - Edition #18

OMG HALLOWEEN! (this is along the same lines as OMG ...St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day, and OMG Cinco De Mayo! - because frivolous holidays are THE BOMB)

Who doesn't love Halloween? No religious connotations, lots of CANDY and the color ORANGE - what's NOT to love?

The only thing I do not like about Halloween is being scared.


Luckily, I married an adorable man who is just as big of a wimp as I am. We don't watch scary movies, dateline or cops because we have nightmares. One time we watched a documentary on serial killers and we couldn't sleep for a week - EPIC FAIL.

There are lots of things I'm scared of (um..childbirth anyone?) but here are some of my TOPS:


Varicose veins

A boil in my face filled with eggs and spider babies

Being hit by a train

Being attacked



Haunted houses, hayrides, wax museums (our kid will have to find surrogate parents to indulge them in such ridiculousness, but we're hoping our scaredy-catness is genetic and we'll never have to worry about it.)

and I am terrified of walking on city grates, a fear which my husband refuses to acknowledge and actually PUSHES me onto them! Well, today he can BITE ME because MERMANDA found a horrible reason to substantiate my fear - SEE!

People really do plunge to their deaths (or get hurt really bad) from walking on grates.

Also, remember last year when my husband was Incredible?

I have this picture on my desk and never ever want to stop looking at it.

TOMORROW we're carving pumpkins and having a fire pit and S'Mores and toasting seeds and trick-or-treat and eating candy and everything that is majorly awesome about fall is happening tomorrow.

Happy Halloween my friends!!


w007jmw said...

a boil filled with eggs and spider babies?????????? wth? where did that very particular fear come from?

Tam said...

some fake TV show I watched where this girl thought she had a zit and it got bigger and bigger and then one day spider babies came out of it.