Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bridal blogs are addicting

Although my wedding has long been planned and celebrated, I still find myself drawn to pictures of beautiful gowns and weddings. I went to Barnes and Noble the other night to thumb through some baby name books and couldn't help but stop to look at bridal magazines. My husband was SUCH a doll during our wedding planning process, he let me buy EVERY BRIDAL MAGAZINE ON THE SHELF FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR! He told me he was pretty confident this was the only time in my life I'd be planning a wedding of my own, so I was welcome to spend $5-$10 on glossy pages containing mostly ads and overpriced gimmicks - if just to feel part of it all.

Part of it I was. I think, in many ways I was more present on my wedding day than any other day in my life. It was as if my senses we all fluttering around me and I was caught up in the most amazing whirlwind of love, appreciation and admiration of the very thing that is spending the rest of your life with someone.

And maybe that's why today when I saw this stunning RED-HEADED BRIDE I was transported back to my own day. The day when my beautiful family began.

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