Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Twosies in the sky with diamonds

[Serious part: Thank you all for your prayers for my birthday grandpa, but things don’t look good. Apparently he’s full of the “C” word and we’re waiting to see where that leaves us.]

How much do you adore the picture I posted yesterday of Miss Har? The best part about it is, she’s sitting on the back of the couch WHERE SHE KNOWS SHE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO SIT!! Except she was looking all cute and stuff with those outstretched paws (later she crossed them which, I swear, was even more adorable) so instead of yelling at her like a responsible Mommy, I told her to “stay right there” while I put my new favorite lens on the camera to take her picture. And stay she did - FOR LIKE TWO HOURS. I am a terrible cat parent. I always let her do shit she’s not supposed to do (like eat tapioca pudding, drink from the sink and climb in the fridge) – then husband has to yell at her to stop whatever it is she shouldn't be doing and she looks at him like, "Whatever, you're not my real dad anyway!" Why do I let this happen? because I have no balls and I want my cat to love me (more than she loves my husband). I know. I’m terrible. The worst part about this realization is – if I’m willing to do this to an unsuspecting cat CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT I WILL DO TO OUR OFFSPRING? I just keep telling myself (and my husband) that kids are different than cats. Because they kind of are. In some ways. Like the furry, claws, pee in litter box stuff. Kids don’t do that. At least the ones I've met don't.

And in other random news, I am on a water kick. And by kick I don’t mean I actually kick water (can you do that?) but I am trying to drink it (like 8 heaping glasses of it) because it does a body good (like milk, only clear). Why is this blog-worthy material? Because, quite honestly, water is gross. Except for when you are spinning or right after you get off of a plane (PLANES MAKE YOU THIRSTY). You are thirsty because, if you are like me, you refuse the in flight drink. Which while for the time being is still complimentary – indulging in such behavior may result in your having to bend it like Beckham in an upright coffin in the sky that smells like lavender soap and urinal cakes and there's BLUE WATER!? I loath this. Ew. No thank you. Not to mention every time you pass the people sitting near the loo, I’m sure they guess to themselves whether you sat down for tinkles or twosies. And OH GOD twosies in mid air – please no. Make it stop. (for more about twosies, read Jennie!'s blog today – but don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

So my question is...
Do YOU drink 8 glasses of water a day?

Plain water?

Ice water?

Lemon water?

Bottled water?

Through a straw?

On a boat? With a goat?

What do you do to make the misery less miserable?

I urge you to tell me your secrets. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to pee.


Jennie! said...

I drink lots of water all day. I don't know if it's 8 glasses, but it's a lot. I drink it plain but it has to be really, really cold, otherwise GROSS.

Classy Fab Sarah said...

I just started a water kick too!!

However, I hate water so I've been having the toughest time...

I personally drink it with those crystal light to-go packets... at least then it's interesting and has some variety.

I just bought a bunch of the flavors and my favorites are the lemonade flavors and Peach Mango Green Tea.

PS If you want the crystal light things they are cheaper at Target than at the grocery stores - at least in Indiana.

Julie G. said...

I've been going with the homemade spa water. So it's really, really cold and flavored with lemon, lime or cucumber.

Sadly, the spa water has not turned my home or office into a spa.

ohioana said...

I drink a ton of water and have since middle school. I drink it at any temperature (although I prefer it with ice this time of year.) I like it better than soda or flavored water. Maybe you just have to get used to it. If the flavor of your tap water grosses you out, get a Brita or some other filter. Makes a diff.