Wednesday, August 5, 2009

If you give a mouse a cookie, he can eat it at his desk

I bought a new desk and my gorgeously handy husband assembled it for me IN THE NUDE.
It has DRAWERS to hide Le CRAP!

Then I realized that sometimes when I am at my desk, I get thirsty.

Drinks are quite the mess, right?

So I needed a coaster.

I *swooned* over coasters on Etsy for nearly an hour.

until I settled on these lovelies from Love My Coasters

I really need to stop reading design websites, because now I am trying to find a vintage toast rack to hold my letters and bills.

But unfortunately, Ebay thinks I need to pay $200 for it.

Treasure, Treasure in the sky, let a cheap one catch my eye.

The end.


jenn.j said...

i love the cute vase the flowers are in....milk glass maybe? i heart milk glass. i also heart etsy...i can waste waaaay too much time looking around that website.

Tam said...

yes milk glass is SO CLASSY!

Mermanda said...

I've been trying to come up with a cute way to organize our mail too... you must tell me where to find a cheap one when it catches your eye.

Arielle said...

Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog and am glad I did, I have enjoyed the few posts I've read. I too am Jewish and working on my Hebrew,(although I do love the sushi).

When I saw this desk that your hubby put together, I just had to comment. My boyfriend and I were walking one night, and saw this very same desk, in perfect condition, out with someone's trash being thrown away! I told him we had to have it, and even though he wasn't fond of the trash stealing at the time, he now adores this desk. Maybe you can help us solve the mystery of where was this desk purchased from?

I am new to the blogging world and was wondering if I could add you to my blogroll. I'd love to continue reading and linking would make that easy.