Monday, July 13, 2009

A-W-E-S-O-M-E, awesome, awesome, TO-TALLY!

This morning I had to sift through a sea of High School cheerleaders attending spirit camp just to make my way to the building. The memories came rushing back. The skirts, the chants, the fighting and bickering. Every summer from middle school through high school I spent yelling and jumping - filled with school spirit and nasty camp food.

I was a cheerleader and everything that went with it.

Friday night football games were the highlight of my week. Dancing and shouting under the lights for those TIGERS. Then afterward we'd have a potluck with the team and I'd drive off to party in my 1990 blue ford probe listening to "Friday Night 80's" on the radio. Every time I hear Raspberry Baret, I can almost taste the Marlboro lights and boons farm. I was a straight A, honor student - but on Friday nights, in my purple skirt, I was every stereotypical thing a cheerleader should be. Am I proud of this? No. But I am invigorated by the memories of my youth (and thankful that my behavior had limited influence on my life and brain cells). Very few of my college memories involve partying, I guess you could say I got it out of my system early. Have boobs, will party. This is the reason my husband swears if we ever have a daughter, she can do ANYTHING EXCEPT CHEER.

I give him the 'ol "I cheered and I turned out just fine!"

He says my case is extraordinary.

I tend to agree with him.

Piano it is then.



Anonymous said...

And cheerleading is even worse nowadays then it was even ten years ago. Oh, the stories I heard from my sister (cheer captain). Shudder.

ohioana said...

I have lots of relatives who tell their daughters they can play a sport, but they can't cheer for one. Even the republicans I'm related to agree with you on this one. Glad you have some good memories though.

Heidi said...

I agree with Jeremy. All of the cheerleaders I cheered with in Jr. High got knocked up in High School.