Monday, July 27, 2009

I got my Celtic on!

This weekend was totally a snoozer. Like, mostly because I took a lot of naps.

Friday night after taking a long snore on the couch while hubby changed all the locks on our house (I totally saw a special on the Today show about lock bumping and he actually humored me) ALL BY HIMSELF (YAY!), we went downtown to the Celtic Festival. Can you say *amazing* fish and chips? Yes. It was awesome. Also the girl was SOUP-ER nice to me and threw in TWO fried pickles FOR FREE! We ate our fried goodness, mine drenched in vinegar ::nom nom::, while we listened to some Celtic music. Did you know I was totally into Celtic music? I am. I am. Not like 24/7, but like, for a treat. The NPR station here airs a special on Saturday afternoons that if I’m lucky enough to be in the car, I can tune in for some Celtic love.

Have you ever seen P.S. I Love You? Well if you want to cry your eyes out for hours, AND HOURS, see it. But you will also hear an adorable song by Mundy called Galway Girl. It will rock your socks off and make you love Celtic music and Gerard Butler *swoon*

Speaking of my socks, they got rocked on Saturday morning AT 8AM when I taught cycling. I wasn't feelin' it at 6:45am when my alarm went off, but let me tell you, it was worth it (and allowed me to eat McDonald's for lunch).

The rest of the weekend was a blur of naps and chores. Rain and sun. Fruit and yogurt.

I watched Big Brother and reminded myself that I HATE JESSE AND NATALIE! Ew. You're ruining my summer people! AND none of my friends are watching BB this season so it totally sucks that I cannot vent to them about the show. I did talk to my cat about it last night, she wants Jordon to win but wasn't much for chatting about the drama.

The weekend ended with husband and I watching yet another riving marathon of "Help! I peed out my baby!" on TLC. Disappointingly, there were no toilet babies. What's the use of watching that show if NO ONE pees out the baby?

Then I saw a preview for Jon minus Kate and I turned off the television. Forever.

The end.

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Mermanda said...

Wait wait wait. Is "Jon Minus Kate" a for real show? That's messed up.