Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Be Right Back

The morning sun wakes up the birds
My heavy eyelids begin to stir

The alarm sounds off at the seventh hour
I wipe away the sleep to see Matt Lauer

The bed is soft and hugs me in it
My bladder won’t wait one more minute

I wash my hair and toes and hips
My cat waits for some shower drips

I wrap my hair up like a snail
And head to the office to check my mail

I read the internets and update Face book
Then head to the kitchen to find something to cook

I eat some eggs and bacon at the table
then pack a lunch and wash the dishes if I’m able

Off to the bedroom to blow dry and dress
Picking out clothing makes my bedroom a mess

I rush around to finish getting pretty
I grab my cell phone and kiss goodbye to my kitty

With my purse and gym bag, I head for the car
It’s a good thing my office is not very far

I pull up in the lot just after nine thirty
Lock my car and off to my desk I scurry

But the moral, my lovelies, is more of a warning
For those of you that rush in the morning

No matter how much you look at your watch
You should always, always...

glance down at your crotch.


Mermanda said...

If you wrote this poem, you are my new favorite person ever. (Bumping Mandy Moore down to number 2.)

Jennie! said...

OMG you just showed the internet your crotch.

Tam said...

Yes! I wrote it - move over Amanda Leigh!!

I did indeed.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA, that is one kick-ass poem! Hahahahaha! And you just flashed at the world!


Tam said...

Josh, I have undies on... seriously!