Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorializing the weekend

Early dismissal!

shared dinner on a sunny patio

and Graeter's ice cream drenched in jimmies

I watched him dive for volleyballs in the sand

and we contemplated turning on the air.

Sunrise brought photography in a children’s park

lunch at Chick-Fil-A

and a lazy afternoon

BBQ with friends

and sweet strawberries at sundown

we contemplated turning on the air.

Slept past 9 together

a morning hike in the gorge

buffalo burgers at Clifton Mill

my husband had a party

the invite was exclusive

mojitos and almond margaritas were flowing

I spilled some on the floor

an artichoke was steamed and dipped in melty butter

clothing was optional

we played the Wii

and ate leftover meatloaf

I was too tipsy to drive to the movie

but the raisinettes and snow caps sobered me up

we drove home

and then made a U-turn

because I wanted chicken wings

My lips burned from the spicy

so he showed me how to use ranch dressing

as chapstick

our bed was lonely

so we filled it with tired bodies

and we snuggled

and fell sound, sound asleep

too tired to turn on the air.

My husband went to check on his patients

while I snuggled up in bed a little longer

he came home to make me breakfast

A friend and I had pedicures

while husband studied and sipped iced chai

we lunched on pot pie and fried pickles

and went home to play the Wii

my record was broken, a trophy maintained

tubular meats on the grill for all!

He studied

we went to the grocery

I thought about running

he thought about medicine

I thought about how lucky I am

to be married

to him

we headed to bed

...but not before turning on the air.

1 comment:

ohioana said...

Nice weekend! We had our air on the whole time because we were out of town and ad the cats locked in. They don't even care that we came home they're so happy to be back outside.