Monday, April 27, 2009

Just another manic Monday

Thank you all for the mountains of prayers and well wishes. Grandpa made it through surgery and is home resting. Unfortunately, the mass was cancerous so there are decisions to be made in the weeks to come concerning radiation ect.

Before I left to come back home he was explaining his morning in the hospital to me.

"A 15 year-old doctor came to see me today - she barely weighed 40 lbs"


later... "and two other young ladies came in and starting messing around 'down there' I tried to tell them I'm 91 years old and nothin' works anymore so they shouldn't even bother..."

They were giving him a sponge bath, I'm sure they didn't care what "worked" and what didn't!

Then he asked the aide for three chocolate puddings, "Some for your family?" she said. "No way!" He replied, "and she better stay away from my pudding" [pointing to me] and he stuck his tongue out at me as he proceeded to eat all three pudding cups.

Sharing was never a strength of his...

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ohioana said...

So glad he's okay for the time being. As for the cancer, I'm sure Jeremy is much more knowledgeable than I am. However, my understanding is that age is a big benefit if you have cancer. As you age, your cell division slows down so the cancer grows more slowly.

Plus it sounds like he has a pretty good attitude. Just keep the man in chocolate pudding and everything else will fall into place.