Friday, March 6, 2009

you're shorter - you take the heavy end

Sorry so slow on the posts but I’ve been busy at work. One week left until Santa Fe and I have yet to start on my power point for the conference. My presentation is on substance abuse in elderly populations and this afternoon I actually wished I had a picture of my dear birthday grandpa swiggin’ down some gin and tonics! (I figured asking him to toke on a crack pipe would be pushing it.) All in a day’s work people.

Anywho, the GREAT COUCH HUNT OF 2009 continues this weekend. Last weekend was a total bust because we drove all over God’s green earth (why do people say this?) only to find out Macy’s Furniture website is full of lies – LIES I tell you! Why would you make up dimensions of a couch? To infuriate my husband to the point where he wants to hit you in your stupid face with his Croc (the shoe not the pot)?

We discovered two things: 1) furniture sales are completely misleading and 2) getting shocked with a tape measure fifty times in one day SOUPER-sucks.

It’s supposed to be 60 degrees and sunny tomorrow and I’ll be damned if unattached couch cushions are going to ruin my day. We have one promising option and if we can find a way to push, pull, or drag it to our house without filing for divorce – it will be a miracle.

Wish us luck!

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