Monday, February 16, 2009

It doesn't have to smell like farts to be for boys

Husband and I had a *wonderful* Valentine's Day together and it looked a little something like this:

Sleeping in
Matinee (snow caps and licorice nibs!)
the end of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (husband screams in agony)
the beginning of Sweet Home Alabama (husband still screaming)
Dinner reservation (new Thai place!)

These days, just a day (the whole day!) together is present enough (have I mentioned his schedule sucks always?)

I thought I had him beat this year with my present from Etsy (Spreading the February people!) My sweet husband will be interviewing for residencies in the fall and he needed some masculine stationary. I have a feeling saying 'thank you' on pink pony note cards just won't give him the edge he needs. I searched lots of letterpress places and found them to be a kick in the nards for my limited budget and then... I happened upon these *gems* from Daily Sip. Manly colors, sophisticated look - perfect for my medical student. Being the indecisive crazy person that I am, my blood pressure popped when she asked me which design I wanted... initials or full name? Full name? Initials? Choices! No! But then she offered up the solution - half/half. Yes {breath}. Now I get the best of both worlds and am not forced to make any kind of choice. Did I mention I love this seller?

And my selfish little heart flutters when I receive Etsy packages in the mail only to find A GIFT FOR ME! (Squeee!) Yes, Daily Sip included a few charming personalized note cards for me - one of which will be dropped in the mail this afternoon thanking husband's grandparents for the money they sent us to go out to dinner on Valentine's Day.
My husband never ceases to amaze me... and this year his present beat my present by a very slim margin. You might just say he won first prize. I'll show you tomorrow! In the meantime, head over to Daily Sip and get your mom some custom recipe cards for Mother's Day... or visit her blog and see more of her adorable custom ideas.

[p.s. How much did you love our seductive wedding pic below?]

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