Sunday, January 11, 2009

I want this.

Having a classy stand like this makes the TV look less like a monstrous blinky chalkboard and more like a piece of art (especially if you add the baskets, stones and crap). I clicked my heels together and asked for it but I'm not sure if the wishing fairy shops at Pottery Barn and I don't want a cheap replica that she picks up at Odd Lots for a quarter of the price.

Not to worry though, I got a note under my pillow that said this:

Dear Tam,

If you want to trade me your husband's 50" DLP flat screen for the stand I will be more than happy to grant your wish. Your call.

Wish Fairy

Guess I'll have to keep on wishing...

1 comment:

Mermanda said...

That's gorgeous. We went with the cheapy odd lots crap and it's already buckling under the weight of our tv... sigh. You get what you pay for.