Thursday, December 4, 2008

waking up is hard to do

Oh this morning! Grrr and double Grr. Husband has to be at the hospital by 5-something AM. He has to have TWO alarms because he sleeps through the first one (and sometimes the second). Last night he was on call, which means AT THE HOSPITAL AND NOT IN BED (actually he is STILL at the hospital and not in bed). He forgot to tell his alarms that he was on call. So, this morning they woke me up instead and since I also have two alarms of my own (and no! idea! how! to! work! his!) our bedroom was an orchestra of doom this morning and I was the conductor. beep! (slam) beep beep beep! (slam) beep! beep! (slam) SLAM.SLAM.SLAM HOW DO YOU SHUT THESE FRICKIN THINGS OFF!!! BEEP! (slam)
Bad wake-ups make me cranky. I wanted husband to be off call and pick me up from work and take me on a lunch date to Chick-Fil-A. That probably isn't happening. I am jonesing for a creamy chai tea latte. I might just get one after work before my haircut (trim, no bangs). SLAM.

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