Monday, December 1, 2008

It's probably just a food baby

A weekend in review.
Four day weekends make for an insurmountable amount of information to fill a Monday blog entry. Do I tell a select few stories? Do I stick with the Monday movie review? Do I pretend it never happened and go back to bitching about work? I’ll sum it up and feel free to ask for any juicy details…

Took a 3 hour nap with my husband after leaving work early on Wednesday. Awesome.

Worked together with my husband to prepare an amazing Thanksgiving Dinner for our families. Turkey was tender; pumpkin pie, delish! Now all that needs improving is the stuffing and gravy. Not bad for our first try!

After dinner, we watched Tropic Thunder and I fell asleep. We were not impressed.

Did some Black Friday shopping at Target, but not until 10:30am. Got exactly what we wanted and left.

Had lunch and played Wii with the in-laws for 3 hrs! We even broke out the Wii Fit.

Hungry again, had appetizers and watched Ironman. Cocaine-rehabilitated Downy Jr is a star. Great movie, especially in blueray with surround sound. Who needs movie theaters? Can’t wait for the sequel.

Went out for Thai food, ate two bowls of miso soup and watched my FIL cry over the heat (level 2 of 9) in his pad thai.

Home for dessert (pie!pie!) and a quick look at our wedding video highlight reel (not the vows, didn’t feel like crying)

In bed by 11 for snuggles and sleeping in… oh wait! Crap! I have to teach cycling in the morning!

Get up at 8am to teach cycling (with a very full Thai belly).

Meet up with husband and in-laws for a (sweaty) goodbye brunch.

Off to Columbus for some shopping and dinner with my parents at Smokey Bones.

Saw Four Christmases with my mom. Vince Vaughn - you suck as usual. Reese, you are so damn cute I had to say I liked the movie but probably wouldn’t watch it again. Would have been satisfied after two Christmases.

Movie hopped to Transporter 3. With sick Audi road stunts and a hottyhothot transporter the movie was good until THIS GIRL (I do appreciate a red headed leading lady however, I’d prefer one with actual acting skills) ruined it. She is so terrible that IMDB doesn’t even know who she is. Transporters need to stick to their rules because when they don’t… the movie sucks. BUT, Jason Statham without his shirt on is better than pie any day – I even asked husband if he felt the urge to lick him. He said no but I think no meant… maybe.

Sunday was filled with sleeping in and a little more holiday shopping. We played another hour of wii and lounged around eating leftovers.

To sum it up: we went to bed with a belly ache every night and were 1 for 4 on decent movies. Pie and Thai are mmm mmm good, just not in large quantities. Oh and according to Wii Fit, we are boarder line obese. Don’t open your Wii fit on a weekend where you consume twice your body weight in food. Happy Thanksgiving indeed.

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