Monday, November 3, 2008

Blog the VOTE!

Vote tomorrow. Do it because there are people in other countries who desperately wish they could; do it for the social security that you pay into and may never see; do it so you have can complain about who gets elected; do it for the economy; do it so that SNL can go back to being medocre; do it so that one day no one will ever go bankrupt because they are sick; do it so that you can feel empowered; do it to exercise a freedom that people have fought and died for; do it because you are a republican; do it because you are a democrat; do it because you are "undecided" and have gotten more attention in the last month than Paris Hilton's razor; do it to rid our neighborhoods of political propaganda, do it to feel united with other Americans in one place for one common cause; do it to sweep out the old and ring in the new; do it to end this election season; do it with your children; do it for your children; vote because at least that hanging chad means you were there, you came, you stood in line and you were part of one of the most influential elections of our time. And if nothing else, do it because you can come in a little late to work and you get a free sticker [and a free starbucks!]
Vote tomorrow - just do it.


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Jennie! said...

Mmm, Starbucks. I'm voting at lunch, hooray!