Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Ha-woa-weeen!!

We had a great night last night - pizza, candy and trick-or-treaters. We gave out left over glow bracelets [or goowoh bwreecits as a little scarecrow called it] left over from our wedding. Also tootsie pops and of course... Reese's Pieces [NOT pronounced Ree-sees Pee-cees].

Mr. Incredible, Rainbow Bright and a [lame] pumpkin were on hand to eat the pizza and hand out the goodies. At one point, Mr. Incredible rescued the pumpkin from a giant spider and then swooped in to save Rainbow Bright from consuming too many carbs. Our hero!

We saw a TON of princesses - a really cute snow white, superman, tin man, cute lion cub, and a little monster whose mom blinded him with her flash and caused him to fall off of our porch. Rainbow Bright had the following conversation:
[ding dong]

Rainbow: Happy Halloween! You can pick anything you like!
Small goblins: [grabbing wildly] Who are YOU?
Rainbow: I'm Rainbow Bright!
Small goblins: Who's wain-bow-bwite?
Rainbow: She's a superhero from when I was a kid.
Small goblins: oh.... Bye!
[shuts door]
Rainbow: Okay, I officially feel OLD!

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KJ said...

Ahhhh! Love your costumes! I wish we had trick-or-treaters. Stupid neighborhood.