Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's the size of your heart that matters

Most of our strange and unusual conversations occur before bed, here's one from last night.

Scene: Two gorgeously attractive people lay in bed just before midnight. The strapping man holds his hand up next to his lovers for comparison.

FI: Wow your pinky is small. Its like child-size.
FI: Isn't it weird you're considered a full grown person?
Me: It's not that small and anyway, Bax is shorter than me.
FI: No she isn't, she's 5'2".
Me: Your finger isn't really that big. I bet Kobe Bryant's hands are way bigger than yours.
FI: I bet a lot of things on Kobe are way bigger than mine.
Me: ...

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Jennie! said...

These conversations crack me up.