Monday, April 14, 2008

If it weren't for the wind, today would be beautiful

The weekend was good - here is my Weekend Top 10
1. Was able to zip up my wedding dress
2. went shopping at the outlets
3. ate at a protein buffet
4. had some GREAT wine
[Red Guitar - Spanish red & Layer Cake - Shiraz]
5. played with FI's Wii - so did my friends
6. ate seven sour cream and onion pringles
7. met an 8-year old child who creeped me out
8. had my mom's veil hand-sewn and completely restored
9. FI vacuumed the house and did the laundry
10. We finished the wording for our invitations
[a bigger pain than one would think]

This morning I had to run some errands before work so I came in a little late. I pulled up at the library to return a DVD and as I walked in I saw an older gentleman approaching the door behind me. I waited for him, holding the door. As I held a second door for him and he turned around to look at me and said in the most sincere way, "I hope you have a good day today". He then turned around and walked into the library. I stood there for some reason and thought to myself about how genuine his comment was. I returned my DVD and as I walked out of the library on this sunny Monday morning I said to myself, I hope I have a good day today too.


Jennie! said...

I had so much fun playing with your FI's Wii.

I hope you have a good day today, too. I love when people are nice. Most of the time they're a-holes.

Heidi said...

I like nice old people too. When they're mean I want to steal their walkers.

Jennie! said...

Heidi just likes them because they're close to her real age.