Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I am posting lightly this week because although I am back from Colorado (pictures to come!) I am still technically on vacation (and why would I use vacation time to blog?). But I just had to tell you about my Christmas dream I had.

I had a dream about this little black boy, lets call him AnTwon. He was probably three years old and he wore red swishy pants and a winter hat with fuzzy ear flaps. All day long AnTwon sang Kanye West songs, "I can be a black Kate Moss tonight..." He knew every word to every song Kanye has ever written. It was seriously like Bebe's Kids meets the Grammy awards. AnTwon's only dream was to meet Kanye in person.

I wrote into the Ellen show for little AnTwon's Christmas wish. Ellen (God Bless Her! (jennie!)) granted the little boy's wish. AnTwon was big pimpin' (unchaperoned, mind you) sittin' shotgun (no car seat?) in Kanye's ride while he let loose on his toddler vocal chords. Kanye said meeting his little friend renewed his spirit for music and he was going to release a new album featuring my little friend. The End.

I know this dream probably made you feel all warm and fuzzy and I would have woken up with a song in my heart if it weren't for the dream that followed about a gay gang bang and IV heroin binge. I'll spare you the details on that one.

It's almost a New Year...do you have a resolution yet?


Chuck said...

No, no, no.... despite the lack of warm, fuzzy feelings, I NEED to hear the details of the OTHER dream (the one with the gay gang bang and the IV heroin binge... I'll pretend for now that "heroine" was a mere typo).

Text/call me if you don't want to share THOSE details here: 614-598-2646 (it's a new cell phone number b/c Michelle & I are on a shared plan.... so we're at least good on paper.... right?)

Teena P.

Tamara said...

Yay Chuck! Welcome!! The details are SOOO dirty, I woke up VERY upset. I told J about it and all he said was, "wow. That's really messed up."

Scott is having relationship problems so I'm sure that's why I had the dream. I always get scared of the possibility of my little scotty out there in the big gay world.